Merrimack Valley Magazine Feature – Chelmsford’s Thanksgiving Forest

coverWe made the November/December issue of Merrimack Valley Magazine, with an article on Chelmsford’s Thanksgiving Forest, just one of the many impressive open spaces in this Merrimack Valley town.  Located just a few minutes south of Chelmsford’s town center, the article on Thanksgiving Forest is especially timely, with the Annual Day before Thanksgiving Walk approaching this coming Wednesday, from 2 PM to 4 PM.  For more information, check out this link to the event’s Facebook page below:

The Day before Thanksgiving Walk goes back just ten years, but it is fast becoming a Chelmsford town tradition, and builds upon the long history of Thanksgiving Forest that originated in Victorian times when the men of Chelmsford would gather in the forest each Thanksgiving for their annual fox hunt.

Hikers gather at the forest’s entrance at Janet Road, and walk through the woods, meeting at the cluster of boulders, where everyone can enjoy hot chocolate and cookies, provided by local Boy Scout Troop 74, a fire – built in the rock hearth formed by the boulders, and listen to some history provided by Becky Warren, local historian.

insideCheck out Merrimack Valley Magazine’s latest issue, which hit newsstands earlier this week, and we’d like to extend a special thanks to David McLachlan of the Chelmsford Conservation Commission, and to Tom Christiano of the Chelmsford News Facebook page, for their help with this article on Thanksgiving Forest.




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