1918: Spanish Influenza invades Massachusetts

You could’ve easily missed the signs that Spanish Flu was coming back for a second wave at the end of summer in 1918. In mid-August, New York City had suffered a scare when a Norwegian steamship arrived in port with many suspected cases. Even before the city’s health department confirmed any cases of Spanish Flu…Read more 1918: Spanish Influenza invades Massachusetts

A Look Back at 1911 – Events from a Century Ago

Happy New Year, readers!  And best wishes for a successful and prosperous 2012!  While I've been browsing through old family photographs and correspondence, I came across some old postcards, mostly from the 1911-1914 period.  One of the first I found was this one, wishing a happy 1911.  As we approach a new year, it's common…Read more A Look Back at 1911 – Events from a Century Ago