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Ryan W. Owen is a HubSpot-certified content marketer, inbound social media strategist, and digital advertiser. Hire me to write your whitepapers, marketing communications, thought leadership pieces, and blog posts. I bring over 20 years of experience in AI, SaaS, finance, insurance, and healthcare/pharma.

Your business has a lot to offer. You just need to find the people who need it. And get them to pay attention. How? Communication. That comes in many forms:


When you publish content on the web, you’re like the town crier. Everyone turns to see if what you say is worth their time. Make those first words count. You’ve got good SEO, PPC strategy, design, and ideas. Don’t lose that momentum with boring, messy copy. I’m HubSpot-certified in content management. Hire a professional writer to write for you.

Corporate Ghostwriting

You lead companies, set your strategic direction, communicate your vision. You can’t lose time writing thought leadership pieces, blog posts, client communications, and whitepapers. Your outsourcing strategy can include a writer to get the most of your written communications. Hire a professional ghostwriter who is a HubSpot-certified social media strategist.

Pillar Pages

answers the questions people input into their Google searches. Search Engine Optimization strategy has come back to providing solid content. Pillar pages–the gold standard of long-form web content–address today’s longer, more conversational search engine queries. Hire a professional writer who knows how to structure and create pillar pages.


Highly recommend Ryan. He did a series of LinkedIn articles for us that got tremendous reach and engagement. He can take relatively dry topics and turn them into interesting, well-thought-out articles.

Career Coach and Strategist

“Ryan is amazing. Great writer. Professional, structured approach. I recommend him without reservation.

Founder and CEO, IT Services Firm

“Ryan is always available and delivers high quality work. He pays attention to details and has no problem translating quantitative data into words, finding nice stories and making it interesting to read. I would definitely hire him again.”

Senior Specialist, Financial Analytics Firm

About Ryan W. Owen

When I was six, you’d find me with a pen, notebook, and a calculator. For years, I followed an interest in numbers into finance, accounting, and audit. Then, I came back to writing. I started Forgotten New England in 2011, focusing on hobby communications like local history, genealogy, and linguistics.

In 2016, I expanded my suite of services into business content strategy, copywriting, and communications. My clients tell me what they need to say. I create the message.

My clients need content written for two types of readers—humans and computers. Today, computer readers—those automated SEO web crawlers—determine where your content shows up in SERPs (search engine result pages). And that determines if your content ever gets read.

Because, if no one sees your content—even if it’s really good—does it still exist?

What I bring to each job:

• I’m an MBA-trained content strategist.
• I’m an experienced digital marketer.
• I’m HubSpot-certified in content management and inbound social media management.

I also bring over 20 years of marketing, finance, and communications experience in insurance, real estate, telecommunications, SaaS, and AI.

Unlike many content creators you’ll find out here, I have extensive hands-on experience doing these jobs in the corporate finance departments of Fortune 500 companies … not just writing about them.

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