A ‘Forgotten New England’ Book?

The Jail on Lowell, Massachusetts' Thorndike Street, circa 1908 (Photo Credit: Library of Congress)

Good evening readers – it’s been a good week at Forgotten New England.   The site has hit 150 followers and has been experiencing some of its heaviest traffic ever.

And – an editor from a reputable publishing house happened upon this blog last week and asked if I’d be interested in writing a book on Lowell (Mass.) history.  I am.

I’ve got tons of content and research, but am short on photographs that aren’t already readily available on the Internet.  Does anyone have old photographs/memorabilia (1800’s to 1970’s) of Lowell landmarks and personalities that they’d be willing to contribute?  I can scan and return any originals.  Credit for the photo will be included in the book, of course.  Please send me a message at forgottennewengland at gmail dot com for further details.

And, as always, thanks for your continued readership and for all of the ‘shares’.

15 thoughts on “A ‘Forgotten New England’ Book?

  1. Is there a historical society in Lowell you could ask about photos? I bet they’d love to contribute. Good luck with your book. I’ve done some self publishing (Blurb) of my blog for family members, it would be terrific to be picked up by a publisher!

  2. I’ve been following you quite a while, and since I live in Lowell and worked at several places, I have a little background about both Father John’s Medicine Co., and Prince/Borden Spaghetti. I’ve a genealogy blog, and often cover things pertaining to Lowell, one with 1960s photos shows the office of Father John’s Medicine. If you are interested, you could use these photos. http://lifefromtheroots.blogspot.com/2010/03/sentimental-sunday-my-first-job.html

    1. Hi Barbara – thanks for following my blog – and sending the link to your post on Father John’s Medicine. I’ve been collecting memorabilia related to Father John’s for years and plan to do a post on Father John’s soon. I’m still scoping out the final topics that’ll be included within the book, but I’m sure Father John’s and Prince’s will have a place. I grew up in So. Lowell; so, I remember Prince’s and its Spaghettiville bridge well. Thanks for the offer to use your photos! I sincerely appreciate it.

  3. Hey Ryan, that’s great! If such a book would be half as interesting as your blog, it would be a bestseller! I would certainly buy it, anyway.

    Is there a Lowell historical society that you could contact about photos? I was thinking of trying that with some of the towns my family is connected to.

  4. Congrats – I would love to see a book done from the neighborhood perspective. Interviews and testimonies from some of the oldest residents would be wonderful. Some books need to be written outside on the sidewalk.

  5. My wife and I have been Discussing for well over a year What business was located on the corner of Central and Middle street right where the old Court is located.
    I say it was the Belle shoppe, having worked there as a stockboy when I was 16. this is not evidence enough for my doubting thomas of a wife.
    Anyone ?

    1. You are correct, it was the Belle Shop at that location, in the 40’s and 50’s. Also, just a bit further down Central Street was an establishment called the Jo-Belle hat shop. I suspect, but I haven’t confirmed, if the two were related. Hope this helps settle the debate! Good luck.

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